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About yourOEM Limited
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   Our company has a long history in the electronics manufacturing. We are specialists in telecommunication accessories,  power-related products such as surge protectors, cord sets, outdoor power cords just to name a few. In the lighting product side, we manufacture night lights, garden lights and now we are getting into the LED products. We have a strong R&D team whose technical background will satisfy your needs.  In addition, our customer- relations team will make sure that your requests are result-oriented in a prompt and effective manner. Further, our shipment deliveries to you are always done as promised.

   Dignity, integrity and loyalty are the core  concept of our business's conduct philosophy----We treat all our customers this way and we treat all our employees this way. Our employees are the most valuable assets we have and every employee at our company are happy employees and we are also proud to say that every customer we have are happy and satisfied clients first and eventually becoming our die-heart friends and fans.  We are a happy family, doing business the honest way, making profits with dignity and spreading our ever- so- slight wealth to the needy as we see fit.

   In order to get we must give. It is better to scatter rather than to gather. Our enterprise is established solely for  the benefits of  our customers  as well as of  our employees and the societies as a whole. We want to be  responsible corporate and global citizens, enhancing other peoples'lives and enlightening our employees'  lives so they become a better person today than  they were yesterday.    

   During and along our corporate journey, we shall never forget and shall continue to provide assistance to anyone, anywhere whom or where that our slightest contributions  will make a difference so that this  world that we live in becomes a more progressive, prosperous and harmonious  place for all.